Baidu Easy Root: A look into its features

Written by Mohammad Abbas

Heard about jailbreak in IOS devices?

Well, most of you might have and similarly, Android gadgets have the root app, one of which is the Baidu root application. Jailbreaking and rooting give exclusive access to sectors of your smartphone or device that are otherwise protected and locked. It performs the same function and the difference lies in the mobile operating systems making use of them.

You might ask: Why do I need to root my Android device?

The answer to this question is: to gain access to more applications that are not officially allowed on Google Play Store. You will be able to unlock your OS to install third party applications and tools. Furthermore, you will gain access to some features and third party applications will enable you to make use of customized look or set-up which is not normally available in Google Play Store. Your device performs better and may even result in better battery life.

What is/are the cons?

Do not forget that rooting your device voids your phone’s warranty so I would suggest you to go for a root after the standard duration of a phone’s warranty (in most cases 1 year) is over.

Special features

  • Thanks to the Chinese developers of Baidu who have made this application usable for international users by giving this app English support.
  • You can delete the pre-set applications and more storage space is allocated.
  • It allows for memory management.
  • Booting of your device is speedy and fast.
  • Enhanced privacy and virus protection since it can monitor external malicious activities.
  • Overclocking of processor enabled
  • Customization of themes and font styles possible

and much more!

How to install and root?

If you are willing to root your device with Baidu Easy Root application then follow the easy steps given below:
  1. Download Baidu Easy Root application and install it on your Android device.
  2. After installing it, click on Baidu Easy Root icon to open the application.
  3. Now click on “A key to get root privilege” to proceed further.
  4. After clicking on button wait for a while because it will take some time to root your device.
  5. After some patience, now you’ll see the message: “Rooting Successful”.
  6. Enjoy the unlocked and unlimited features now open to your device!

So, if you have no issues in voiding your warranty and you really want to enjoy your device to the fullest by having the freedom to customize and install almost everything, go for a root through the Baidu Easy Root application now!



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