An overview of Game Killer(GameKiller) Application for Android

Written by Mohammad Abbas

Game Killer is an application and game hacking tool. It helps you alternate and modifies certain aspects of your favorite games. For instance HP, currency value and much more. This application uses the technique of memory modification in order to achieve its purpose. It helps you hack your games to enjoy some aspects of the game you can’t wait to experience!

Isn’t that cheating?

Cheating in practical life is indeed bad but in the aspect of gaming, cheats just open up some aspects of the game that you want to experience without having to go through all of the missions. For instance, you changed your mobile and forgot to backup the game data. This means that if you were on the last mission, you have to go through all of the processes again. Terrible right?

This is where Game Killer helps you to achieve unlimited access into games. It works by injecting code from the background while the game is running, letting you modify whatever values you want. Once the app is opened, it stays open on your device and is accessible from a semi transparent icon that you can place on any part of your home-screen. You can access Game Killer whenever you want and select the game from the list of running services.

From the built-in search feature, find the number that corresponds to the parameter you want to change. A good example is available lives. Once you’ve determined the position of the parameter you want to change, all you have to do is enter a new value and make the modification and that’s the job done!

With more than 10 million users of this application, it has quickly gained the ranks and the fun part is: It is officially downloadable from Google Play Store!

What more does it offer?

It serves two further purposes:

  1. You get to use the extra coins or cash to buy stuff from the game’s store such as boosts, new merchandise and much more.
  2. You get to show off in front of your peers just for fun. Have the bragging rights of showing your high score and they will probably get amazed.

What are the pre-requisites?

One prerequisite for the app is that the device should be a rooted Android device. The app would not work on an unrooted Android phone. If you haven’t rooted yet, go ahead and do that first.

The second prerequisite is that “Unknown sources” option must be switched on in order for this application to function properly. You can do this by going into Application settings on your Android device.

Last but not the least, Game Killer can only be used for offline games and trying to use it on online games might get you banned from the respective game server.

So what are you waiting for? Browse and download this widely used application and have fun in the game world by unlimited resources.




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